Quality of Lead Scrap

As we are solely buying for Lead recyclers directly we can only accept Lead Scrap which fully complies the following quality standard:

  • Clean soft lead only (see picture for example)
  • Absolutely Free of tar, paper, oil, dust, dirt, sand, etc
  • free of antimonial lead (Wheel balancing lead for example)

Delivery of Lead Scrap

In general we buy basis DDP delivery Dordrecht, Rotterdam, Rijswijk or Harderwijk. Loose in a container to be delivered on Tipping Chassis. Quantities per 25 mt. 

Payment Terms

Payment can be done in EUR, GBP or USD. Whatever suits your need. In general all main Lead recyclers pay within 30 days after delivery. This is the standard payment term. Payment basis L+C or Cash Against Documents can be arranged if preferred. Though all extra costs involved will lower the lead scrap price per kg we can pay.

example of lead scrap